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Athena HM

The Socially Responsible e-Commerce & Tourism Platform

As a housewife and an entrepreneur, I understand the pain housewives go through with their daily routines. Women are well known as great multi-taskers that can do anything. 

Athena HM understands your needs.

Most housewives have a dream to own a business and help supplement the family expenses.

This is where Athena HM can help you.

You don't have to think about how to market your products. You just need to find out what products you would like to make at home as a hobby and earn some money to buy something for yourself and your loved ones.

We believe you can turn your passion into a profession.

If you are an SME that has retail products, we can help you make your product more visible nationwide and eventually to the global market.

We have good news to tell you.

Athena HM in 2019 has expanded it's business into tourism under the Vacay XP brand. We have developed a GPS Audio Tour Guide App named VXP. This VXP app offers a fully-guided experience - just like a local giving you a personalized, turn-by-turn, fully-guided tour.

For more information about VXP App, please visit our website at:

We are looking for handcrafted items and homemade food that we can help you to sell to tourists who will bring it back your products to their home countries.

If you're interested to know more, please visit our website at or sign-up here.

We have launched our new VXP GPS Audio Tour Guide App

Check out our new App now!

Our Team

A brief introduction of what we do and who we are. Enjoy this short clip!


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