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Founder's message

Words from the founder:
Empowering women is the main focus in the formation of Athena HM.

Athena is an important mythical Greek goddess.
Her characteristics that we can relate to are wisdom, courage, inspiration, strength, strategy and skill in arts and crafts.

The letter ‘HM’ refers to ‘Home Made’ and ‘Hand Made’. Our main focus in the business is promoting Homemade and Handmade products on our e-commerce platform.

These inspirations reflect with my own personal ideals. We empower women through our Academia in order to provide skills and innovation to increase their household income. Besides that, with our franchising system, they will be able to start with our complete business model. Once they have finished their courses at our Academia, they will get a full set of skills and a certificate. Therefore, they will be able to make almost any
homemade and handmade product within the comfort of their home or community centre.

In order to be able to market their products, we will provide exposure for their products through our e-commerce platform and retail partners.

Our homemade and handmade products are specially made by our women communities and underprivileged groups and they will need your support. We are participating in the MasSIVE Impact initiative to support the B40 group, in order to help in creating a sustainable society within our country.

Due to customer demand for environmentally friendly products, our company practices eco-packaging and eco-delivery services. Our eco-delivery will be involved in product distribution within the vicinity of your township in order to reduce the overall carbon footprint.

We would like to invite all Airlines, Airport Retail Centres, Hotels, Supermarket Chains and other retail establishments (especially in tourist areas) to be a collaborator in supporting our project. I would like to invite MAS, Air Asia, Tune Hotel, Tesco, Cold Storage, AEON, Giant and 7eleven to take part in this project.

We want the presence of our community products in every supermarket nationwide.

We are still actively looking for sponsors for our communities and welcome corporate players to contribute in a CSR initiative.

-Betty Tan

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