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New Merchant Registration

Welcome to the our merchant network!

My dear friends, I know you are interested to be part of the Athena HM family.

I believe you have something to sell right?

but can't manage it by yourself and also want to spend more time with your love ones.

Especially those with small kids or even special children or maybe you have someone elderly that needs more attention.

We understand your issues.

This is where Athena HM can help you: 

  • VISIBILITY - We help you make your products visible at high traffic e-Commerce websites like Lazada, Shopee and at Athena HM's e-Shop.
  • LOGISTIC & PAYMENT - We will also help you to handle your logistics and payments.
  • MARKETING - We have small packages to cover your marketing and advertising costs. In order to grow, we need to shout to the whole world, but do not worry. It's a just a small amount. Your risk is small.
  • RETAIL PARTNERS - We also have retail partners where you can display your products on their shelves.
Do you know that you are fortunate to be part of the Athena HM family? 

Allow me tell you why.

It is because Athena HM is not a normal e-Commerce platform.

We work together as a family, we do a little social responsibility that helps to bring impact to our society.

I think you still wonder how it works, right?

Okay, let me share with you how we help contribute to society.

We partner-up with a few NGOs that are in line with our corporate mission such as:
Orphanage homes, Environmentalists, Underprivileged Communities and the Orang Asli

Currently, these are the NGOs that have already partnered-up with us:
- Pertubuhan Kanak-Kanak Zurriyat Malaysia
- Toy Libraries Malaysia
- Suriana Welfare Society
- Lighthouse Children Welfare Society
- SPCA Selangor
- Home of Peace
- Persatuan Kebajikan Kasih

Beside that, our mission is also in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals:

  1. To reduce poverty by providing business opportunities to families.
  2. Gender Equally by helping to bring up the potential of women in the business world.
  3. Decent Work Economic Growth: by providing jobs to villages and championing women’s rights in their communities.
  4. Innovation: most handmade or homemade products that are made by creative women at home are already innovative because they are creating products according to the current trends.
  5. Sustainable Cities & Communities: AthenaHM encourages the practice of sharing resources through partnerships.
  6. Responsible Consumption & Production: we encourage our partner SMEs to use eco-friendly packaging, we also educate our customers to be responsible consumers by choosing the right products.
  7. Climate Change: by reducing the carbon footprint, we are using smart logistics systems through our partnerships.

So now is the time for you to take action.

What you need to do is, fill-in the form at the link below and please read the terms & conditions, and sign it and send it back to us.


We welcome you to the Athena HM family.

Thank you.

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NEM Blockchain Centre,
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Glo Damansara, Jalan Damansara,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Wilaya Persekutuan


Phone: +6 0126020179

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